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The Zucchini Chronicles

Vegetables are things my daughter never ate from age six months to her current age of twenty six. While vegetables today are more popular, zucchini still has a bad rep. It manifests itself as sneaky, relentless, a non-respecter of boundaries, a home invader, and worst of all, a porch finder!  But there is hope, and even a pathway to joyous living if you are a zucchini grower.

My name is Sherry, and I grow zucchini. On the third day of creation, God created plants.  I know God created zucchini and therefore I accept it as potentially good. Weirdly, I do see similarities to finding peace in a chaotic world to growing zucchini. (Next novel: Zucchini, The Scary Vegetable.)

    • Zucchini must be planted. Seeds cost money. Recently we had the opportunity to change a life by spending $284.50 to help a young person find transitional housing so he would not be homeless. A small price to buy peace for one homeless person.
    • Zucchini must be picked at the right moment, or it gets tough and hard to use. Do we use the right moment to bless others?  Recently I was in the long coffee drive-thru line, and found that the person ahead of me paid for my coffee.  So I paid for the person behind me.  Pick your moment.
    • Zucchini can be an invader in the garden and take over ground not assigned to it. I admit sometimes to seeing my position in life as more important than others. Today someone cut me off in traffic. I wanted to do many things, but I continued my driving without incident, and reveled in the fact that is something my husband could never do!
    • But some people like zucchini, and ask for it. I find when my abundance of zucchini has outstripped my ability to find empty porches to deposit them on, I need to find someone who needs zucchini. Can we find those around us in need? I carry in my car a “sad bag.” When I was trying to explain what a person begging on the side of the road was to my five year old granddaughter she said, “Oh that’s just a sad person grandma.”  So we went home and made up bags with toiletries, candy, water bottles and a personal note of love stapled to a $5 bill. We call them “Sad Bags” and share them with anyone we see begging on the road. It does not meet the need of their life, but can meet a need that day.

Make sharing joy a habit, and it will come back to you, just as zucchini sometimes come back from seeds sown long ago.


9 thoughts on “The Zucchini Chronicles

  1. Congratulations on your new website and blog. Love your idea for the “Sad Bags.”
    God’s continued blessings to you as you complete writing your book.
    Nice to be reminded of your Wycliffe connections as my husband and I are still Wycliffe members.
    A fellow YNBer,

  2. Your graciousness is contagious!!!

    Thank you for being such a blessing to so many, friends and strangers!

    Great job on the website too, btw! Everything about it reminds me of who you are and how God uses you!

    Be blessed!

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